• Am I able to choose the dates that I want to do the massage?

    The dates will be scheduled according to the mode of your delivery. We will arrange the complete schedule for you and you can advise if you are available for confirmed booking. If there is a need to make changes, please allow 2-3 days advance notice. Last minute cancellations less than 24 hours will be deemed 1 session incurred.

  • Difference between Jamu and the technique used by Joyous Mummy Care?

    The difference lies in the massage techniques, massage oil or /herbs used, the binder used and how each session is spaced to achieve the effectiveness of the massage.

  • What are the procedures if mommies want to engage Joyous Mummy Care services?

    3 easy steps to book with us

    Step 1 : Decide on your desired package/products
    Step 2 : You can make your purchase on our website
    Step 3 : Keying in your particulars, email, we will send you the invoice

    Have more questions, WhatsApp us at 8949 3903 and we can guide you along!

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