Do You Know What’s Diastasis Recti?


17 May 2022

Do You Know What’s Diastasis Recti?

??‍♀️ Diastasis recti (abdominal separation) is the separation of two bands of abdominal muscles (recti-abdominis or six-pack muscles), which run from the chest to the pelvis underneath the skin and meet along the mid-line of the stomach.

As these muscles separate, the linea alba (connective tissue) joining these muscle groups stretches sideways, making the connective tissue weaker and thinner.

⭐ The most common signs and symptoms of diastasis recti include:

– A bulge in the midline of your abdomen
– Physical discomfort in the abdomen
– Poor posture
– Lower back pain and hip pain
– Bloating and constipation after eating during pregnancy, you will notice a ridge or bulge developing over your belly, both above and below the navel. It is more apparent when you are using your abdominal muscles for standing, sitting, or lying down. In rare cases, you may experience severe abdominal, pelvic, or back pain that needs a doctor’s attention.

✅ Do not strain

✅ Exercise with caution

✅ Heal your belly through postnatal massage.

✅ Wearing a binder that protects and holds the abdominal muscles together

✅ Massage therapy for Diastasis Recti can be very helpful to rebuild proper abdominal tone as long as you’re also working with a therapist who specializes in this issue. An experienced massage therapist can open stuck tissues that are pulling the abdominal muscles outward.


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