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Lactation Massage


Prevention of Blocked Ducts:
Regular massage can prevent the formation of blocked milk ducts, a common issue that can lead to pain and a decrease in milk supply.

Faster Milk Letdown:
The gentle stimulation provided by lactation massage can contribute to a quicker and more efficient milk letdown reflex, making breastfeeding sessions smoother for both the mother and the baby.

Relief from Breast Pain:
Lactation massage can provide relief from breast pain or tenderness associated with breastfeeding, helping mothers feel more comfortable during this crucial bonding time with their baby.

Enhanced Relaxation:
Breastfeeding can be physically demanding and emotionally intense. Lactation massage promotes relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety levels in new mothers.

Release of Oxytocin:
The touch involved in lactation massage triggers the release of oxytocin, a hormone associated with bonding and relaxation. This can enhance the emotional connection between the mother and the baby.

Encourages Breast Symmetry:
Lactation massage aids in promoting symmetry between breasts, ensuring both are adequately stimulated for milk production, which is particularly beneficial for mothers nursing from one breast at a time.

Prevention of Mastitis:
By promoting optimal milk flow and preventing blocked ducts, lactation massage can contribute to the prevention of mastitis, a painful inflammation of the breast tissue.

Benefits of Lactation Massage


Healthier Milk

A thiry-minute massage twice a dat experienced that the sodium levels in their breast milkl had reduced. There was also increased levels of lipids, solids, gross energy and casein. The only thing that showed no signs of change was the content of lactose in breast milk.


Reduced Breast Engorgement

New mothers often experience breast engorgement, causing discomfort and potential breastfeeding challenges. Lactation massage helps to alleviate this by promoting better drainage of milk and reducing swelling.


Improved Milk Flow

Lactation massage can stimulate and enhance milk production by promoting optimal blood flow to the mammary glands, ensuring a sufficient milk supply for the baby.


Better Latching

Babies find it tdifficult to latch on to the nipples when they are too hard. Nipple massage for lactation will help in softening the breast and ensuring that it is much easier for your baby to latch on.


Prevention of Saggy Breasts and Stretch Marks

Breastfeeding can take a toll on the appearance of the breast. As the breast gets bigger while nursing, you can develop stretch marks after it has to go back to its regular size when you are done with your breastfeeding period. A massage with cold-pressed oils such as olive, coconut or almond oil, can help to solve this problem. A gentel massage will help the blood start circulating. The breasts need a bit of help to get the blood flowing, even on a normal basis. This is because while the rest of the body may get movement daily, your breasts do not really move. Getting the blood flowing is said to elp in retaining the youoth of the body as well.

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